Feb 20
TUD18 - new professional trainings held by the Association of Adult Education Providers

The TUD18 Training Coordination Office that is financed by Norway Grants was opened on 09 November 2016. It provides free trainings for the promotion of employment in the labour market related to the airport and its economic environment between December 2016 and April 2017 at 317, Üllői út. One of the most important elements of this initiation is the intention to offer modern, new, stop-gap professional training programmes for those who wish to find employment in the labour market of District 18 and Vecsés. The Association of Adult Education Providers (AAE) will participate in the programme as the depositary of professional trainings. Our report on the background and content of these training courses is based on the information provided by István Sum, board member of AAE, who is one of the training managers of the projects.

The Association of Adult Education Providers is committed to supporting the objectives of lifelong learning and takes an active role in supporting the training of the adult population. King Sigismund University is its traditional partner in this field and it was this relationship through which AAE joined the project that was organized by the municipality of 18th District with the financial support of Norway Grants. The Association of Adult Education Providers represented by István Sum has successfully participated in several European Union projects in recent years. Through its member organisations, it performs curriculum development and training tasks, provides labour market information for adult employees and for those who wish to find jobs and it promotes the spread of voluntary work. It attaches particular importance to the transfer of knowledge relating to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies, as well as to the spread of digital educational platforms and methods in adult education including TUD18 Programme.

Road to success: The training programmes for forklift drivers and transportation coordinators:

The basic issue for all labour market trainings is selecting the areas of specialization with good employment opportunities. Two factors helped in the planning of the training offer this time: the analysis of labour market and employer needs. The training market has been analyzed accordingly, and the airport has interviewed many employers and job seekers among its economic partners. Consequently – considering project opportunities – two training specializations were determined. Both trainings fit the profile of logistics companies operating at the airport. The training of "Machine Operator for Material Handling Machines" (forklift driver) provides an NTR qualification. The companies engaged in logistics and storing often look for experts with this kind of qualification.

The other specialization has the name of "Training of transportation coordinators for temperature-controlled, oversized and overweight goods and materials". The forklift driver training does not require previous high-level school experience; this training can be completed with an elementary school qualification. The coordinator training requires a high school graduation certificate and basic English knowledge in advance. The study materials fit into the digital educational system of the Samsung Smart School, which makes participants' studies easier. After finishing the project in April 2017, the FVSZ (Association of Adult Education Providers) is ready to support the new educational centre of the district in the field of study material development, and the member organizations can realize the trainings on the basis of the developed study materials. The training material of the transportation coordinator training was designed to be suitable for distance learning as well, so even those participants are able to complete the course who cannot attend the classes regularly due to raising small children, or for any other reasons.

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