Nov 09
TUD18 Training Coordination Office opened

The training coordination office, created within the framework of the project, was established on the ground floor of a building owned by the Municipality at Üllői út 317, HU-1184, Budapest. Városgazda 18 Ltd. is responsible for the facility management and maintenance of the building. Presently, the top floor of the building has a residential function, while the ground floor was formerly used as commercial premises, however, due to functional under-utilisation, the management decided to set up the office in this part of the building. The office was redesigned with a modern, refurbished look to correspond to the new technical background and the programme materials that were developed for the adult education.



An interior of about 154 m2 was completely refurbished as part of the Norway Grants tender. Refurbishment was designed to enhance the successful implementation of the training programme/educational function. A total of 12 rooms have been renovated: 1 reception area, 2 corridors, 1 room for trainings and events, 1-1 restroom for men, women and for the disabled, 1 kitchen, 1 office room, 1 cleaning cabinet, 1 boiler room and 1 storage room. The classroom is suitable for training 14-18-45 persons - depending on the IT equipment used.



The technical base of the future training programme is a unique system also suitable for successful adult educational programmes: a training methods based on Samsung Smart School digital technology. Testing the system started in primary education a few years ago, however, our programme would be the first to be used within the framework of adult education. Naturally, this would require the interactive presentation of training materials with more illustrations that could be used on tablets as well. The introduced system is a complete educational framework, which includes versatile curriculum development, touch screen devices, and 56" Samsung touch screen displays as well.


The opening ceremony of the office took place on 09 November 2016. An impressive interactive place of education was constructed for implementing an innovative training program, which place corresponds to the requirements of adult education in the 21st century. The audience at the opening ceremony of TUD18 was addressed by Attila Ughy, mayor of the district's Municipality, by Olav Berstad, the newly appointed ambassador of Norway, by Adrian Savanyú, Head of Department, representing the Prime Minister's Office.



UPDATE: Since January 2017 the offered trainings have been in progress at full speed with the following schedule:


16-17 January – IT Skills

24-25 January – Stress and Conflict Management

30 January, 6 February – Leadership Training

January-February – Machine Operator for Material Handling Machines

(forklift driver, 2 parallel courses)

9 and 16 February – Project Management Skills

20 and 27 February – Leadership Training

13, 20 and 27 March – Client-centered Communication

27 and 28 March – Stress and Conflict Management

March – Tranporter of Special Goods and Materials


Electronic registration for the offered courses is available at – Offered courses menu (if the applicant has no internet access, registration is possible at the customer service of Városgazda18). All the applicant needs is an e-mail address. The courses are available completely free of charge during the Norway Grants project (until 30 April 2017).