Apr 27
Celebrating one year of success

End conference of the project was held on 27 April 2017

After a successful one-year-long cooperation between the 6 Hungarian project partners and Lillehammer University from Norway, the project celebrated its end with a conference held on 27 April 2017. The venue of this particular event has been an elegant vintage hotel located downtown, the number of guests has almost reached 100.

Attila Ughy, mayor and István Hunyadi, city manager of 18th District of Budapest both emphasized important concepts like community, innovation, partnership, shared knowledge, lifelong learning, capacity building, responsible city management and competitiveness as being the key factors for the district's future development, towards which this project and its pilot trainings have been a major step. If the project's success story continues, Liszt Ferenc International Airport, the area's main employer and the 'engine' of the district's economic development can become a virtual runway for the qualified workforce seeking for better job opportunities close to their homes.

At the conference, a long-term cooperation agreement was signed between the Hungarian project partners to guarantee the sustainability and better exploitation of the project's results for the coming 5 years and further. The agreement contains the voluntary commitments of the contracting parties and gives a legal framework for further cooperation to keep the good and intense relationship between partners established during the project's one year.

To close the event, a roundtable discussion took place with representatives of all the project partners to summarize all the experiences of this eventful one year behind them, from many different perspectives.