Feb 16
In partnership with Budapest Airport for the employment of district residents

The TUD18 Training Coordination Office that is financed by Norway Grants provides free trainings from December 2016 to the end of April 2017 at 317, Üllői út for the promotion of employment and a better inclusion of residents in the local labour market. The high-quality content of competence development and professional trainings is ensured – besides the professional support of the University of Lillehammer in Norway – by King Sigismund University (KSU) and the Association of Adult Education Providers (AAE), which - during the development of the training programmes - also assessed the regional training and employment requirements of Budapest Airport (BA), as well as the jobs that can be offered by the company.

On the occasion of launching the programme, we asked József Takács, the Strategic Human Resource Development Manager of Budapest Airport about the background, content and potential benefits of the participation of BA.


VÁROSKÉP (in English: 'Cityview' Magazine): What gave the management of Budapest Airport the idea to participate in the elaboration of an international labour market development project in a suburban district of the Capital?


József Takács (JT): The question can be addressed from two views. On one hand, as a company that is dedicated to the development of the society, we constantly search for new opportunities to cooperate with municipalities and companies operating in the South Pest region. On the other hand, all labour market development projects in Hungary that increase the competitiveness of local residents and the local economy – and in this way support the sustainable development of local communities – are of extreme importance to us. Our company, as a strategic market operator, is one of the major employers in the region: Budapest Airport and its two subsidiaries employ a total of nearly 1,000 employees; more than half of them are residents of the South Pest agglomeration. Basically, this is why we are able to contribute to the success of the project implemented with the support of Norway Grants.


Traditionally, BA is considered an attractive employer with its unique and special field in the industry, however, the positions offered require specific professional skills. This is reflected by the available trainings supported by Norway Grants: in the field of professional trainings, the Machine Operator (forklift driver) course and the training named Transporter of Special Goods are prioritized - both are mainly connected to the operation of the airport. Having suitable prior professional qualifications also reduce employee turnover that has recently been noticed in some of the areas.


In addition, the competence development trainings of the project offer to assist employees and thus, the companies of the district in fields which are independent from particular jobs. The latter trainings include improving communication skills and client-oriented work, IT applications, leadership training, stress management and project management skills.

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