Mar 10
Local Labour Market Committee has been established

On 13 December 2016, within the framework of the Norway Grants project, the so-called Local Labour Market Committee was established, a body for promoting the sustainability of the long-term results of the project.

During the inaugural meeting, subsequent to the welcoming speech of chairman Csaba Hodruszky (Head of the District 18 Office, Government Office of the Capital City Budapest), the rules of procedure of the committee were accepted by the members thereof; they chose Csaba Szlahó, the Mayor of Vecsés and Attila Ughy, the Mayor of Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre (18th District of Budapest) to become the president and the vice-president of the committee, which was followed by their reports on the tasks that had been performed within the framework of the project and on the trainings they intended to realize in the future.

The following topics have been included in the meeting: the areas mostly concerned by labour shortage (kitchen porter, driver, loader operator, nurse, construction employees), the necessity of English language in professions related to the hospitality industry; that it would be necessary to have real competence surveys among job seekers, and it would be practical to involve and regularly inform the parents of young employees about the opportunities of young people who are at the point of deciding on their future careers, and on the professions that can most fit their personality types. In connection with seasonal work, it has been discussed that the jobs lasting a few months at Lake Balaton in the hospitality sector have a labour extractor effect, and that in the construction industry skilled workers perform private jobs in the summer, and they return to their original jobs only in the off-season, from autumn to spring.

The main challenge, however, is supporting the transfer of public employees to the labour market, since many of these do not have qualifications or proper competencies. The aim is to provide them with specific trainings thereto.

The Committee shall consist of 8 members as follows:

  • Municipality of 18th District (Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre) of the Capital City of Budapest
  • Municipality of town Vecsés
  • Budapest Airport Ltd.
  • King Sigismund University
  • Association of Adult Education Providers
  • District 18 Office, Government Office of the Capital City Budapest
  • Airport Hotel 'Stáció'
  • Guild of Crafts in Vecsés

Other members that are proposed for inclusion:

  • 'Városgazda' District 18 Nonprofit Ltd. (the municipality's fully-owned company)
  • HungaroControl Ltd.
  • Celebi Ground Handling Budapest Ltd.
  • Menzies Aviation (Hungary) Ltd.

The task of the Committee is to support the long-term realization of the project goals with its work during the project and afterwards, i.e., to provide help to decision-makers with its proposals in order to create a more effective local employment policy. In addition, it has a coordination role as a certain kind of forum, providing a possibility for real information and experience exchange.

Besides the formation of the Local Labour Market Committee, the partners participating in the project have recently organized several stakeholder meetings involving the relevant companies and organizations, where the invited organizations had the opportunity to explain their (training) needs in connection with the project, and they were able to share their previous experiences related to employment. The first two meetings were organized on a thematic basis around the companies that operate at the airport and in District 18 or in Vecsés (18 January 2017) and around the local public service provider institutions (23 February 2017), while the third stakeholder meeting was based on a job fair that was organized by the Employment Department of the District 18 Office, Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest in Béla Kondor Community House on 09 March 2017, which was followed by the second session of the Local Labour Market Commission.