The training coordination office, created within the framework of our project, will be established on the ground floor of a building owned by the Municipality of 18th District of Budapest at  Üllői út 317, 1181, Budapest, Hungary. Responsible for the facility management and maintenance of the establishment will be the municipality-owned company, Városgazda XVIII. kerület Nonprofit Ltd.

The top floor of the building has a residential function whereas the ground floor was formerly utilised as a store but had to remain unused for a while later. During our project, an interior of about 154 m2 will be completely refurbished to make it suitable for its future educational functions.

A total of 12 rooms will be renovated: 1 reception area, 2 corridors, 1 multifunctional training/conference room, toilets for men, women and the disabled, 1 kitchen, 1 office room, 1 cleaning cabinet, 1 boiler room, 1 storage room.

After renovation the building will conform to all the project's requirements and will be able to meet all our jointly set goals. The specific design of the training room makes it possible to change it easily to arrangements for 14, 18 or even 45 persons, depending on the methods and IT solutions used.

The exterior refurbishment included the following activities: façade renovation, thermal insulation, replacement of doors and windows, building of ramp and doorstep, road and pavement reconstruction, green reconstruction.

The preliminary architectural design plans of the office can be viewed in our image gallery.